Short Film Shoot!

Hey all! Here are some pics from a short film I shot this weekend! It was my first time playing a young mom! Ha! it was such an INTERESTING experience. LOL…but it was so fun and challenging playing a new character type. Plus the whole cast and crew were amazing! Here are some shots of my pretend family – my pretend son, pretend husband, and pretend dad! HA! As soon as I get some footage from it – I’ll post it. Everyone was so awesome!!


Aphrodisiac – Monica Lewinsky Pics!

Hey all! If you didn’t get a chance to come out and see me play Monica Lewinsky in Aphrodisiac you missed OUT!! I had such an amazing experience working with Andy and Robin and our whole team! I cannot wait to work with them all again!!

Below are some pics from the show….but as a side note….

Playing Monica has to be one of my absolute favorite roles I have ever played. Besides the fact that I had a 15 minute monologue which was both absolutely thrilling and extremely challenging I really enjoyed researching and looking into the life of Monica Lewinsky. One of the most astonishing things I learned was that I had no idea who she was; I only thought I knew her because I listened to what the media had presented to me. It made me feel disappointed in myself that I was so quick to judge her. I’m so grateful for this experience! It reminded me of that saying “Don’t judge a man (or woman) until you’ve walked a mile in their shoes”.  Ah I feel like I could talk about this role and what I learned for hours….ha I’ll save that for our coffee date!! 😉 




Shoot Day!!

Hey all! I had such a blast shooting today for a new project!!! More details to come!!!! 



I had such a blast working on SNL with guest host Octavia Spencer! Make sure you watch the Sticky Bun sketch – I pop in for a hot second at the beginning!!! 


Auditions Auditions Auditions!

Just the way I love it!! So many sides and so many auditions! #workworkwork #boom #happy #grateful


SNL Rehearsal!

IT IS ALWAYS SUCH A BLAST WORKING WITH THIS GROUP OF AMAZING PEOPLE AT SNL!!! I feel so blessed!!!! Everyone is just the best!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 #grateful  #positivevibes


Aphrodisiac SOLD OUT!!!

Hey guys!! Here are a few pics below of me and the amazing cast of Aprhodisiac!!! We are selling out!!!! Get your tickets before they are gone so you can see me playing Monica Lewinsky!!!!!


A sneak peek of me as Monica Lewinsky!!!

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Our amazing Cast!! Love these guys!!!


Me after tech rehearsal with our poster!!!


Me before another sold out show!!!