New Webseries – Benefit Night – Women in Entertainment

Hey All! I know it’s been a bit since I last posted —- but things have been SUPER busy!!! Stay tuned — I’m doing my best to upload my latest as fast as I can!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

OK! I had the best time at a Benefit Night at Paper Kraine Theatre focusing on WOMEN IN ENTERTAINMENTFor those of you who know me personally, you know my dedication to creating and working with women in the entertainment field. I felt very honored to be asked to participate in an event that supports women in the arts and further brings to light how we must support each other and create more work for women in our field. 

 We did an awesome reading of a new webseries written by Gina Doherty (who is AMAZING and incredibly talented!!) and directed by Andy Scott (He is the MOST WONDERFUL PERSON in the WORLD and he was the director of the play “Aphrodisiac” where I played Monica Lewinsky— pictures below and in my gallery!!) Unfortunately, I didn’t get a pic of the whole group but we had so much fun with everyone who participated and came out to support women!!! I can’t wait for their next event!!! 


Me on SNL!!!

What an incredible day I had working on SNL – Saturday Night Live – with guest host Felicity Jones! Everyone there is so kind and the whole day was such a blast! I love working with these guys! They always make my Saturday’s so happy!!! 

Click on the link below to see the sketch or check out some of my photos!!!


Me in the background behind Vanessa Bayer
Me in the background.
Me behind  Kate McKinnon and Beck Bennett.
Another shot of me behind Vanessa Bayer.
This is Dell and I! We had such a blast working together today! It was so fun getting to meet him!

SNL – Rehersals!

Just finished a long day of but SOOOOOOOOOOOO VERY PRODUCTIVE! And to top it all off —- I just got out of a rehearsal for SNL!!! I love working on this show! Such a blessing. The people are all so wonderful!! xooxo 


Talent Express 2017 Mixer!

I had such a blast meeting up with my AMAZING Talent Manager Lorna at Talent Express for our 2017 Mixer!! It was also so great to see friends from last time and make new friends this time!!! We have a great group of talent! I can’t wait for what 2017 has in store for us all!!!

Chloe, Tristan and Me! 🙂
Me and Chloe – she’s the absolute BEST!!!

SNL – again!!

It’s Saturday night! You know what that means – here me and two of my SNL buddies are hanging out waiting for our rehearsal…we always have such a good time! 🙂 LOL


Even if we get cut RIGHT at 11:30 PM!! Oh well – that’s the nature of the show!! We still had a blast together!!!


UCB – Advanced!

Hey yo! I just finished my latest advanced class at UCB! SO VERY FUN!!! We worked on Harold’s! ALWAYS SUCH A CHALLENGE but Brandon is such an awesome teacher!! Thanks Brandon!!!


Things have been so crazy that I haven’t had a chance to update you…..but SOOOOOOOOOOO excited to say that I was called in to work SNL with host AMY SCHUMER! It was an amazing experience. The cast and crew are super cool and it’s a blast to work there. Unfotunately, both of my scenes were cut for the final edit of the filming on Saturday!! But it didn’t matter, being on set was enough! You can see in my pic how excited I am!!


Advanced Elective at UCB!

So listen all – things have been CRAZY BUSY this summer —- I have quite a few things projects lined up so….I’ll first update you on UCB. I got into a special advanced elective class with Brandon. I’m so excited! We are working on breaking down the Harold Structure! What a great class so far! Below is a pic after class – long but great day in NYC!  #actorlife #whoop