Hey All! I just wanted to let you know that a new site is on it’s way!! Look out!!

For now check out my insta @giangrisostomi or my facebook for my most recent updates and projects!!! You can still watch clips and check out my resume here but for my most recent news definitely check out my insta!! 



First Private Screening – Batsh*t Bride!!!

Hey all! I am SO HAPPY To report that I had the BEST TIME ever at the first private screening of Batsh*t Bride!! We were in a penthouse apartment on the upper east side – our hosts were absolutely LOVELY! The film was HYSTERICAL!!! I cannot wait to get some clips to show you my character BECKY!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 Right now the film is in the editing process and then it will be sent off to film festivals…so it might be some time!! But as soon as I get a clip that I can share ….I WILL 🙂 #goodvibesonly #soexcited #bestgroup




Ok if you are looking for an #AMAZING hair stylist – RUN to Dash Florez @DNAHIARSUITE I absolutely ADORE HIM! Not only is he kind, fun, hysterical, generous, SUPER HANDSOME and a SWEETHEART but he is BRILLIANT!!!! I don’t go to anyone else in NYC! ONLY HIM!!! We have the absolute best time and my hair is amazing!!!! GO SEE HIM! You won’t be sorry!!!!

Go to the website – scroll down to Dash’s info and contact him! Let him know that I referred you!! 🙂 🙂 🙂



NBC SNL Instagrams our SNL Sketch!!

I just had to share! NBCSNL shared our picture on Instagram from the sketch “The Price is Right Celebrity Edition” with guest host Larry David and musical guest Miley Cyrus. You can see me on the top row center – in the pink shirt – right under the sign “The Price is Right”! ha! This was so fun! What a blast working at SNL!!! #grateful


Skype Callback

Always working always pushing for more! It’s sunday funday and I had a skype callback for a indie short film and then I filmed a self submit audition for a indie feature film!! #boomboomboom  Rocking it out!!! I’ll keep you posted!!! xooxox


My LA Agent – Holiday Party!!

Guys!! My AMAZING AGENT, Laura, from Central Artists, came down from LA to throw this awesome holiday party!! It was SUCH a blast! And my AMAZING MANAGER Lorna, came as well!! We all had such a great time!! It was so nice to just relax and catch up!! I also got to meet some other Central Artists clients —- everyone was just lovely!! What a fun night! I can’t wait to see Laura in LA again – I’m planning another trip out there in March!! #letsgopilotseason